determined to use circular processes to combat climate change

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Dirty Worm Composting, a family-owned business nestled in the heart of Orlando, Florida, was born from the vision of founders David and Renee Kirwan. Our journey is a dedicated pursuit of promoting sustainability in home gardening, championing zero waste practices, and fostering a local circular economy. Fueled by a passion to address the pressing issues of massive food waste and the overuse of synthetic fertilizers in our state, we embark on a mission that transcends business—aiming to transform our community's approach to agriculture for a healthier, tastier future.

At the core of our endeavor lies a strong desire to share the power of vermiculture with the world. Our emphasis on sustainable practices underscores the importance of responsible cultivation, where the synergy between nature and agriculture results in not only healthier foods but also a thriving ecosystem.

The Wormery: Our Climate Controlled Worm Breeding Facility

Step into our 1000 sq ft state-of-the-art breeding facility, where ideal conditions for multiple species of composting worms are meticulously maintained.

  • Our unique modular rack system ensures easy access to worms at all times while optimizing space.
  • With our current stock of 162 breeder bins, each housing up to 8 oz of adult worms, we can supply bulk orders and have plenty of room for expansion.
  • 3 100-gallon grow-out tanks, constructed entirely from recycled materials, allow cocoon maturation and the nurturing of juvenile worms extracted from the breeder bins.

Dirty Worm Composting Extracts and Foliar Teas

 Our facility boasts a cutting-edge set up for the large scale production of multiple beneficial microbiological extracts, including:

  • High Concentration Worm Casting Liquid Extracts
  • Foliar Worm Casting Teas
  • Native Mushroom Mycelium Extracts

Digital Microscopy Lab

  •  Certified by the Soil Food Web School, our lab performs comprehensive analyses of all our worm casting products.
  • We guarantee the presence of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes while confirming the absence of any pathogenic organisms in all products.

The Worm Barn: Our Outdoor Vermicomposting Operation

  • Our outdoor vermicomposting system, "The Worm Barn," houses 15 100-gallon Continuous Flow-Through (CFT) Worm Tanks designed entirely from recycled materials, all under a 720 sq ft covered barn.
  • Designed for optimal airflow and temperature regulation, our system thrives even in our hot Florida climate.

Thermophilic Composting Operation

  • Our 3600 sq ft thermophilic composting operation produces 150 gallons of premium-quality hot compost each week.
  • We transform a diverse array of food, shipping, and livestock waste into nutrient-rich compost.


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