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Your Plants deserve the best, and that is precisely what we offer: Live Worms and Worm Castings of the highest quality, so that you can cultivate a thriving and vibrant garden.

who we are

Our Passion

At Dirty Worm Composting, we are passionate about our hardworking compost worms and the worm castings that they produce for better soil health. We are about sustainable solutions. Every gardener, farmer, landscaper, and nature lover understands the importance of fertile soil. Our mission is to deliver an organic fertilizer that's not just good but the best. A solution that is sustainable, organic, and packed with all the nutrients and benefits your soil deserves.

Why us?

More than just a Farm

We are a zero-waste company. Every product you purchase, every service you utilize, has been designed keeping our Earth in mind. Our farm doesn't just produce; it gives back to the Earth. Living and working in a certified national wildlife habitat ensures that while we cultivate the best for your gardens, we also protect and nurture the environment that sustains us all.

Our Story